Produce the heat pump based on customers' design & requests.


We can provide customers with the customized products based on our current product platform including appearance, function, package etc.


Combining both the ideas for customers & factory to realize the unique products based on the clients’ requests such as performance, function, appearance, price etc.

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Founded in 2008, NANCENT is a Chinese manufacturer who is engaged in providing home energy-saving solutions for more than 15 years including heat pumps, gas boiler, electric heating desk, fan coils, PV+ energy storage solution etc.

With an experienced team in heat pump industry, NANCENT has the most advanced and modern system for heat pump designing, developing, quality controlling and manufacturing.


$ 70 Million

Annual Turnover(2022)


Countries & Regions Business Covering

Strong R&D

Industry design
System design
Structure design
Electric control design
Smart control device

Strict Quality Control

Incoming test
Production test
Production test
Long term test
Field test

Innovative Technology

EVI technology
Full inverter technology
New gas solution
PV connection
OTA function
Hybrid heat pump solution

Strong Supply Chain

We have built up a mature supply chain system based on 15 years of heat pump experience with all of the reliable & quality key parts such as compressors, heat exchangers, electric parts, valves, metal sheets, plastic parts etc.

Heat Your Home Efficiently, Heat Your Home Environmentally

Trust us to be your partner in the heat pump industry for our prolonged warranty and dedicated service.


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